Violent protests rock Vrygrond


On Monday, the police had a hard time battling the protesters in Vrygrond, Cape Town, who came out to demand a solution to the transport problem and stop the demolition of the shacks in Xakabantu.

The community members blocked the roads leading in and out of the suburb with burning tyres and rubble. One group gathered at the intersection of Prince George and Vrygrond avenues, two more held a demonstration in front of Capricorn Primary School. Many young people were seen among the protesters.

With the clashes becoming more and more violent, the police had to use tear gas and fire rubber bullets to disperse the crowd throwing rocks and bottles at the law-enforcers.

According to community leader Mike Khumalo, the demolitions have been going on since 2016. The latest affected about 50 shacks and took place on October 3 sparking the protest.

Malusi Booi, the City’s mayoral committee member for human settlements, confirmed they were aware of “the acute need for housing opportunities across the metro.” He even agreed to meet with the protesters, however, advised that the area had been declared a nature reserve.

“The court has granted a final order to the City to prevent the illegal occupation of the land in question,” Booi stated.


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