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Lesotho pledges support to UN-led political process in the Sahara issue


 The Lesotho ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement where they pledged to “actively support the UN-led political process” for the resolution of the Sahara issue and will also observe “positive neutrality” in all sub-regional, regional and international meetings.

This comes after a telephonic conversation between Morocco’s top diplomat Nasser Bourita and Lesotho’s Lesego Makgothi.

According to the Moroccan Foreign Affairs department, the talks between the two ministers looked at ways of developing  bilateral ties by removing obstacles that hindered their momentum in the past, including Lesotho’s position on Morocco’s territorial integrity.

In 1985 Lesotho recognized  the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR), an entity which was illegally admitted in the OAU (current African Union) through Algerian deceit, coercion and petrodollar money.

But the entity is not a member of the UN, the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, the Arab League or any other sub-regional, regional or international institution.

Now, it is said that the international community is working with the UN exclusive process to reach a lasting political solution to the Sahara regional conflict, and neutrality is the key to this settlement process.

Several countries do not support Algeria’s plot to create a separatist entity in Morocco and have pledged to support the UN-led political process.


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