Home Economy Zimbabwe hikes petrol prices by more than 25%

Zimbabwe hikes petrol prices by more than 25%

Picture: AFP

The Zimbabwe Energy Regulation Authority has announced that petrol would once again go up to 14.97 Zimbabwe dollars, and diesel would rise to 16.64 (US$1).

The petrol went up again in the country, and this time by more than 25%.

With the new prices, a full tank will cost more than a month’s salary of a maintenance worker and more than half of a doctor’s salary.

The main opposition in the country Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) opposed the price increases.

They tweeted: “Surely this madness must stop.”

In January, the government almost tripled petrol prices.

The January fuel increases sparked violent protests in the country.

Securities opened fire on the demonstrators and 17 people were killed.

Zimbabwe is currently battling mass unemployment, inflation and shortages of essential items including petrol, electricity and water.

According to the International Monetary Fund, the prices had risen by 300% year-on-year in August.


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