Home Economy Zimbabwe: Agribank workers demand interbank rated salaries – Report

Zimbabwe: Agribank workers demand interbank rated salaries – Report


Agribank workers are demanding that their salaries be rated in line with the interbank rate. The workers are complaining that their allowance is not addressing their needs.

The workers have sent a communique to their employer stating that the employers’ efforts to give hardship allowances were appreciated.

“… However, these efforts are not adequately addressing the plight of the employee which is mainly caused by the inflationary environment which the country is experiencing,” the communique read.

The workers have complained that they have resorted to borrowing transport, rentals, food, medical expenses and general upkeep funds because of the mismatch between earnings and obligations.

Agribank workers have been hard hit by the country’s prevailing economic hardships. Transport, food accommodation, medical, clothing and (school) fees have increased by more than 900%.

The government, in its mid-term budget review, has increased most services by more than 500%

The least paid Agribank employee reportedly pockets $936.



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