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DRC: Local authorities reveal details behind “Makula tree logging” in Haut-Katanga 


The logging of the endangered Makula trees, rare and slow-growing species extremely popular in the Chinese furniture industry, still appears to be a controversial theme in the DR Congo’s field of information. 

While the former Haut-Katanga Governor, Moïse Katumbi Chapwe, claimed there was a new ecological threat in the rosewood forests (another name of Makuka tree) across Kilwa-Kasenga area, the local authorities, as well as the forestry companies operating within the province, dismissed such allegations describing them as “rumours without any sign of proven facts.” 

According to Katumbi, several facilities in the province have been storing a large number of logs. In response, Mulupa Mumba Ferdinand, one of the community leaders in the Kasenga territory, stated the spotted productions were basically transit sites through which the specialists exported the wood cut in 2017.  

The logs themselves are reportedly owned by former DRC president Kabila’s brother-in-law. 

“These logs that you see here all belong to Mr Kabongo Ngoy; they are stored here, at the transit centre pending export. For a while, the wood was transported to that site but, then, the activities were stopped following authorities’ decision,” the community leader told the local press. 

The photos from the scene show only old logs which partly lost their famous bright colour. Ferdinand further reassured the media that both, he and his subordinances, had not registered any fallen trees since 2017.


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