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Zimbabwe: Treasury releases ZWL 37.4 million fund to improve waste-water treatment and sanitation


Minister of Finance and Economic Development Mthuli Ncube yesterday released a press statement, were he confirmed the release of ZWL 37.4 million, towards the amelioration of waste water treatment and sanitation challenges facing the City of Harare.

“The city of Harare is facing a number of challenges which have resulted in failure to resolve the water and sanitation under provision within the city. This has contributed to the health decline in the health status of residents,” said Ncube.

City of Harare months ago introduced water rationing system, as levels of water in dams have drastically declined, this comes at a time when the city council is heavily struggling to provide clean and safe water to its residents.

City of Harare has become incapacitated to provide its mandated services to citizens, to the extent that it has not been producing monthly letter bills to the residents and has not been effectively collecting rates payments.

“The challenges include absents of a billing system and hence, poor collection rates as well as reducing capacity to implement programmes that enhances service delivery,” added Ncube.

The release of the ZWL 37.4 million is said to improve the access to water by citizens and improve the quality of water.

“To ameliorate the situation, central government has now intervened by releasing ZWL 37.4 million from treasury, including foreign currency, towards interventions that will seek to improve water access and waste water treatment in the short term ,” said Ncube.

Ncube said that the government is on the verge of developing a long lasting solution to water treatment and sanitation challenges.

“Furthermore, central government is also developing a long term solution for the water and sanitation challenges facing residents of Harare. This will include putting in place an implementation team comprising of government, city of Harare, and other experts,” added Ncube.

Part of the money was allocated towards sewer treatment as water sources are heavily polluted hence treatment plants should be repaired to ensure the delivery of clean water.

“$300 000 for repair of Firle sewage works (six months) and $220 000 for repair of Crowborough sewage works (two months),”said Ncube.


Thomas Mukandi
SADC News Zimbabwe Correspondent



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