Home Economy Harare City Council needs of $35 million to fix water situation

Harare City Council needs of $35 million to fix water situation


Harare City Council reveals failed attempts to raise enough money to procure chemicals for water treatment to supply water residents.

The city said $35 million is required for chemicals per month but is only able to raise $15 million.

Environment Management committee chairperson councillor Kudzai Kadzombe on Wednesday said the council is only able to provide on average 300 megalitres against the demand of 1 200 megalitres.

“Our water is heavily polluted hence very costly to treat. We now require in excess of $35 million every month to treat water against a global revenue collection averaging $15 million,” Kadzombe said.

“In short, our collections are not anywhere near levels to satisfy our water treatment bill. Our various customers owe the city nearly $1 billion.”

The councillor also said the city is working with DDF to drill boreholes in Glen View.

“We are aware that because we are in a drought season even the boreholes that we are drilling may soon dry up as well because the water table is now stressed,” he said.


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