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12-year-old killed in Cape Town gang violence


A 12-year-old boy from Elsies River in the Western Cape was killed in gang violence on Tuesday night.

Adrian Alexander was a grade 4 pupil at Holy Trinity Roman Catholic Primary School in Elsies River.

He was one of three children killed in a shooting in Clarkes Estate on Tuesday night. An 18-year-old man also died.

Alexander’s mother and her friend were also wounded in the shooting.

The 12-year-old’s teacher, Amelia Bergoor said she would miss Alexander’s wonderful sense of humour the most.

“We’ll miss his sense of humour and his smile. He would laugh and mock himself at times. I will always remember his sense of humour.”

The distraught educator said the slain child’s peers were traumatised and shocked by his murder.

His classmates, many of whom struggled to contain their emotions on Wednesday, joined scores of other learners in a protest march through Clarkes Estate, carrying placards reading, “stop killing us” and “we are innocent children”.

The police’s anti-gang unit has arrested three suspects in connection to the shooting.




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