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#SontGardeHorizons proposes MedIF, a comprehensive paperless healthcare system

From left to right: Neo Nokias, Senior Developer, Mpho Shashape, COO, Itumeleng Sonti, CEO and Phenyo Mpya, Head of Business Intelligence. Picture: Supplied

Akhona Valashiya

A group of young businessmen from various fields of study from Sont Garde Horizons have developed a unique paperless healthcare system designed for the current ailing South Africa’s health system.

The company’s CEO Itumeleng Sonti, says the country’s collapsing healthcare system prompted them to design the paperless healthcare system.

“The system is connected to biometrics function, aimed to assist with queue management at public health facilities, laboratory communication between pharmacists and doctors and also the dispensing of chronic medication for patients,” said Sonti.

Sonti said they wanted to look at a system that would not only make life easier for healthcare users but also to create jobs for people as administrators.

According to Sonti, the system will be in compliance with the National Health Insurance (NHI) requirements and the National Department of Health has been approached in an effort to pilot the project in public health facilities.

“We are also in the process of starting talks with Health Practitioners Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for the system to have a module that authenticates practitioners,” he said.

Some of the key functions of the system includes:

  • Patient’s admission data in and out of health care institution.
  • Health care preventive control measures.
  • Proper medication waste management function.
  • Artificial Intelligence inspired integration with Billing system.

The black owned company is hoping to get the government’s buy-in on the system following presentations, demonstrations and discussion with the National Department of Health and the entire healthcare system network in South Africa.

Sonti said the system is user friendly and can be used by patients and practitioners alike.

“There’s a web-based app and a mobile app, patients can download the mobile app where the patient will have their own profile in terms of their medical file and history as well as medication,” he added.

“However, we’ve also taken into consideration things like the Protection of Information Act (POPI) as well as doctor patient confidentiality and those are some of the challenges that the system is faced with currently. But we are resolute to ensure that it is compliant,” Sonti added.

The company says at the moment it is waiting for the green light from government and the public health sector in order to begin with the roll out of the system.

“We want the government to have ownership and control of the system, because they can identify things that the healthcare needs in order to curb the collapse of the public healthcare system,”.

Some of the benefits of the system includes:

  • Improved health care patient data management.
  • Responsive measures to emergencies.
  • Collection of treatment at multiple locations.
  • Auditor General compliant data reporting.
  • Proper medication distribution management.
  • Protection to our forests.

With the 4th Industrial Revolution in motion, Sonti believes that South African needs to start gravitating towards technology-based systems that will not only ease the jobs of practitioners but will also ensure a smooth process for patients as well.




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