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September: Heart awareness month


The month of September is dedicated to Heart awareness campaign all over the world, in which people get to know more on matters related to the health of the heart. Stress stands as one of the threatening cause of heart problems.

One of the Cardiologist and expert at Netcare Blaauwberg Hospital, Doctor Annari van Rensburg, pointed out that stress may lead to a severe condition known as broken heart syndrome or cardiomyopathy.

Stress always triggers the release of hormones that have negative impacts to the general wellbeing of a person.

Stress has been identified laden with detrimental impacts to the functioning of the heart, some of the end results of stress is the impairment of heart muscle.

“When you have an event that you interpret as very stressful, your body secretes a lot of stress hormones, and that can cause transient stunning of your heart muscle due to the release of the hormone and it’s a transient but significant impairment of your heart muscle.” said Rensburg.

Not all heart problems are caused by street. Some of the heart problems are clarified as inherent, as they a natural passed on to other person by virtue of being born with a person who has heart problems.

Regular checkups by doctors stands as one of the moves that a person can take in ensuring a health functioning of the body. Some of the regular pertinent and overall important checkup, that must be conducted on a yearly basic encompasses are blood l pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol levels.

“That means having your blood pressure checked, sugar checked and cholesterol checked, ideally on a yearly basis, and then if necessary get treatment for those diseases,” added Rensburg.

Medical experts identified a close relationship between the behaviour of a person and stress, high stress levels leads to development of high risk behavior, which gives birth a negative effect on cardiovascular health.

Such behaviour may be observed by the type of food a person eats regularly, mostly foods which are classified to be under the banner of junk food. People who are stressed at most do less body exercises.

Chain smoking is another syndrome of a stressed person as the person craves to smoke more cigars per day.





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