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Zimbabwean Doctors Successfully Conduct A World Record-Operation


The successful operation conducted by the Parirenyatwa Hospital Surgeons of removing an 11 year-year-old kidney cyst from a patient has out the surgeons and the hospital on the world-record.

The cyst weighing 12,3kg is considered the largest in the world to be removed. The operation beat Japan’s record where a similar cyst weighing 11,5kg was removed.

Consultant urologist and lecturer at the University of Zimbabwe’s College of Health Sciences, Dr Shingarai Meki led the team of local doctors who were conducted the surgical procedure.

The Hospital’s clinical director, Dr Aspect Maunganidze, said that the country had competent medical professionals that are able to carry out most of the services sourced externally.

“The procedure which was performed for only $2000 is estimated to have cost about US$11 000 if it had been conducted outside Zimbabwe,” Maunganidze said.

The development comes when several political elites have been criticised for frequenting foreign medical institutions instead of reviving local ones.

Former president Robert Mugabe who died in a hospital in Singapore where he has been receiving medical attention and Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who is currently in China where he is receiving medical attention are some of the political elites who have received much criticism from members of the public.


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