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Recent South African crime stats: A grave concern


Members of Parliament have raised deep concern over the latest crime statistics that were released on Thursday.

The new figures showed an increase in contact crimes including murder, sexual offences and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The statistics revealed that between April 2018 and March this year 21,022 were killed, which increased by 686 murders, meaning the murder rate has gone up by 3.4%.

And sexual offences increased by 2, 312 cases which is 4.4%.

Pieter Groenewald of the Freedom Front Plus’ (FF+) raised concern saying the figures were alarming.

“It is quite clear that we have a violent country and we will have to take drastic steps [to make it more peaceful].”

While Andrew Whitfield of the Democratic Alliance (DA) questioned about new ways to address the crime rates in the coming years.

“They are a cause for very serious concern. I wanted to know, the president in his State of the Nation Address made the commitment that over the next 10 years violent crime would be halved, so I’m very interested to know what interventions SAPS has in place to deal with that commitment.”


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