Home Society Rampant recruitment corruption unearthed in Zimbabwe’s hospitals 

Rampant recruitment corruption unearthed in Zimbabwe’s hospitals 


The recruitment of nurses in Zimbabwe is on the spotlight after the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) announced that rampant corruption has been identified in the recruitment processes in the country’s hospitals.

ZACC spokesperson, John Makamure said that the scandal was exposed by a systems audit and compliance review of government ministries, departments and state entities that the anti-graft body carried out. 

“We carried out systems review exercises in five of the six central hospitals in Zimbabwe on the recruitment and selection of trainee registered nurses,” Makamure said.

“Our findings were quite alarming; there was rampant bribery for one to enrol as a trainee nurse. Some authorities made brisk business on unsuspecting poor candidates. Some hospitals had internal policies that benefited staff dependants, while the public is cheated to apply and attend interviews,” he added.

The report comes after the recent Auditor General’s report also indicated that several government departments and officials were engaged in underhand dealings.

Zimbabwe is ranked among the countries with the highest corruption in the world.


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