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Growing concern over number of displaced foreign nationals

Image: AP

The African Diaspora Forum said that it was concerned about the safety of foreign nationals after the Gauteng violent xenophobic attacks left some people displaced.

Some of the foreign nationals had to seek refuge at community halls in the East Rand during the attacks.

The African Diaspora Forum chairperson Vusi Sibanda said he was concerned about the situation.

He said: “[As a result of] The attacks that are taking place in our communities, I understand that 10 more came from Tembisa, there are still people that are coming in because they are afraid of what is happening. It is information that is circulating that ‘we are coming to attack you’ and people are running away.”

Many foreign nationals now have to depend on NGOs for food, clothing and shelter.

Despite the deadly xenophobic attacks that saw many foreign national-owned businesses vandalised, many said they would remain in South Africa.

Yesterday, Nigeria repatriated about 600 of its citizens from South Africa after the clashes between the countries.

Many of the Nigerians who went back home, said they feared for their lives. Sibanda said that there would have to be a process to reintegrate the foreigners back into society.


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