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Political analyst Andre Duvenhage: Xenophobic attacks a conspiracy to sink Ramaphosa’s office


Political analyst Andre Duvenhage says the spat of violent attacks across the Gauteng province have been intentionally designed to sink President Cyril Ramaphosa’s office and to reduce pressure on leaders implicated in the Commission of Inquiry into State Capture.

“We have been dealing with the issues of (anti-foreign-sentiments) blamed for unemployment, crime and drugs for the past 10 years. Why now when Ramaphosa had just returned from an important forum like the G7 (summit) where he took his investor drive?” asked Duvenhage.

He said another worrying factor was that the attacks erupted at the time when the president was hosting the 28th World Economic Forum on Africa attended by more than 1,000 regional and global leaders.

Duvenhage who is also a research director at the University of the North West exclaimed that “there must be an elite involvement” because there must be some form of trigger.

“This is part of the fight-back strategy, there is a lot of pressure on those fingered at the Zondo commission and we are going to see a lot of these (uprisings). Big things do not just happen without politicians involved. On the other end, it boils down to mass uprising by people dissatisfied with the government.”

According to the political analyst, the current diplomatic wave between Lagos and Pretoria, heat on SA owned companies on the continent and international condemnation was precisely what the masterminds wanted.

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) spokesperson, Mxolisi Makhubu said they also believe that the unrest was a planned conflict, aimed at driving a wedge between South Africa and its neighbours.

It was reported that the 12 people killed in violent attacks between Pretoria and Johannesburg and surrounding areas, have been identified as foreign nationals.

According to ENACT project researcher, Dakar Mouhamadou Kane, methamphetamine is a highly addictive drug manufactured in Nigeria and most of the tons are exported to South Africa where 1kg sells for up to R163,000.

Kane added that the reported Nigeria meth output, in quantity increased from 177kg in 2012 to 1,3 tons in 2017.




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