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Malawi: President Mutharika not leading by example on forbidden plastic use


An appeal by plastic manufacturing companies in Malawi was dismissed by the Malawi Supreme Court last month following the ban of production of plastic bags less than 60 microns.

The Supreme Court prohibited production of thin plastics in Malawi. Retailers and distributors were advised to send back the forbidden thin plastic bags that were described not to be friendly to the environment.

However, People in the country are still making use of the banned carrier bags made of thin plastic despite the ruling that was aimed at combating plastic pollution in Malawi.

Malawi’s first citizen, Peter Mutharika, was seen shopping at a local market using thin plastic.

Presidential Press officer, Mgeme Kalilani, justified the use of the banned carriage plastic bag saying there are some that can be used in the country.

“I have to check if it is a thin plastic, you know there is a certain size of thin plastic that was banned, so can we first check if that plastic is within that category, you give me 30 minutes,” said Kalilani.

The president’s office could no longer be reached after the 30 minutes to clarify the use of banned plastic by the president.

The decision to ban plastics of less than 60 microns in Malawi, through the Environment Management Regulation of 2015 followed negative impacts associated with indiscriminate use and disposal of thin plastics.



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