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Cape Town woman killed in shop looting and arson attacks


Police have confirmed that a Cape Town woman was killed during the looting and arson attacks on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

Law enforcement officers are on alert on Samora Machel in order to quell tensions after protestors raided shops in the area.

It was reported that twenty-one people have been taken into custody.

A local shop owner doubts whether the looting was aimed at foreign nationals.

“I’m a South African and my shop was looted too.”

A foreign shop owner also said their business was entirely destroyed during the looting.

“I am from Malawi. I work with people from Ghana. They damaged everything.”

A forensic services van was on the scene and two military trucks were parked nearby along with SANDF soldiers keeping an eye on the area.

Police detectives gathered to collect evidence on the crime scene.

While, in Johannesburg it was reported that at least one person was killed and five others injured in xenophobic attacks on Sunday.


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