SA’s Queen of Smoke impresses Charlize Theron


South African spinning queen Stacey-Lee May has been featured in a new reality show released on Wednesday by Netflix. Charlize Theron happens to be the executive producer of Hyperdrive.

It is a mind-blowing race car competition where 28 street racers from all walks of life and their custom-built vehicles take on a 100-acre obstacle course in the US. Coming from around the world, they hope to win the champion trophy.

It was the first time for May, also known as the Queen of Smoke, to go abroad. Her dad reportedly sold his tow truck so she could fly and take part in the contest.

“She’s already a legendary competitor back in her hometown [of Soweto, South Africa] in a radical sport called spinning,” host Mike Hill announced her in the second episode.

May visited her first spinning show at the age of five and fell in love with it.

“Spinning is a sport where you go sideways in your car. You also get stunts in spinning where you can get out of a spinning car, you can jump in, out, on top of your car,” she explained. “I was bullied a lot at school because I was younger. People used to put me in the dustbin and beat me around and take my money and just like, they were so mean. I had no self-confidence at all. My dad thought that car spinning would help change that and ever since then we’ve been spinning and it’s been amazing.”

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Theron definitely agreed with May when she rode in her car drifting at high speed.

The show has ten episodes with several competitors in each entering elimination rounds until they reach the finals. You may find out if it was May winning the trophy if you stream the show on Netflix.


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