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Russian Foundation for National Values Protection seeks justice against Libya


Two Russian nationals are still held in the Libyan prison. The prisoners are the Foundation for National Values Protection employees who travelled to Libya to hold sociological studies in the country.

As a result of the negotiations between the two countries, three Russian sailors were released from the Libyan prison. They were illegally held in prison for over 3 years.

The Russian nationals for a long time did not have any opportunity to be presented in courts as everyone who made contact with them was arrested as well. The Libyan government stated the lawyer who could present the Russians had to have the license in Libya. However, the country’s lawyers were afraid of working with the foreigners.

Despite the difficulties, the Foundation for National Values Protection managed to find an attorney who agreed to represent the employees.

According to the leader of the Foundation, Alexander Malkevich, the prison guards in Libyan prisons use different methods of torture. The guards have made one prisoner eat the eye of the other in front of the fellow inmates. The leader of the social organisation ‘Mandela Libya’ who had been helping Russians in their work was also tortured in prison. The guards hung him up and hit his feet with metal sticks and belts.

The usual cell in Libyan prisons is approximately 12 square metres. In the cell, there are at least 27 prisoners. They have to sleep on the concrete floor with nothing even resembling a bed. Some prisoners are held in tiny cells where they cannot lie unless ‘doubled up’.

Malkevich claimed the leader of the Government of National Accord, Fayez al-Sarraj, had to be held accountable for all the monstrous things happening in the country. The Foundation for National Values Protection will insist on launching the international tribunal for the crimes committed by the current Libyan government.


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