Dead Hennops River


The Hennops river, once known for its beauty, now flows without any life left in it. The pollution has killed all fish and is about to destroy the ecosystem along the river.

All the way from Johannesburg to the Hartbeespoort Dam, the water has a dark colour and smells like putrid sewerage. All thanks to numerous pollution sources. Among others, the Olifantsfontein waste water treatment plant is responsible for poisoning the waters with raw untreated sewerage.

The community members with their litter habits do not help either. Most of the plastic and styrofoam pollution comes from Kaalfontein and Tembisa. If left unpicked by hand, this kind of garbage turns into deadly micro plastics which turn the water toxic.

The fish and birds have also suffered from other pollutants that create massive heaps of foam on the water, at times up to 3 metres high.

In order to fight the problem, the volunteers from the nearby communities and the members of Fountain River Environmental Sanctuary Hennops (FRESH) organise  trash cleaning events on a weekly basis but it will take decades of hard work to restore the river ecosystem to its former glory.


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