Truck looting on the rise in SA


Every week, new incidents of truck looting are reported across South Africa. Some of the injured drivers are also robbed. Eastern Cape Transport MEC Weziwe Tikana has condemned the trend.

According to Unathi Bhinqosa, the Department of Transport spokesperson, the latest incident of truck looting was registered on the N2 between emaXesibeni at Mount Ayliff and Kwabhaca at Mount Frere in the Eastern Cape on Sunday.

The truck allegedly caught fire after its tyre had burst but even the risk of an explosion did not deter the locals from looting the clothes from the vehicle.

“This is the kind of risky and irresponsible behavior we wish to condemn with all the contempt it deserves on the provinces roads, as people continue to show no respect for accident scenes and no concern for the dead and even the injured, often robbing them instead of assisting them,” Tikana declared. “What is more concerning with this incident is that it comes barely a week after 69 people died while looting a fuel tanker in Tanzania.”

A similar case occurred in Nyanga, Cape Town, last Thursday, when the driver of a truck transporting liquor lost control of his vehicle. The community members kept coming back for more ‘free booze’ until the police arrived to disperse the looters with rubber bullets.


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