Peaceful protesters oppose bail for Meghan Cremer’s murder accused


Yesterday, a group of protesters clad in black gathered outside the Athlone Magistrates Court where three men accused of Meghan Cremer’s murder were to appear. The demonstrators handed over their “No Bail Application” petition with over 60, 000 signatures to the court.

The protest outside the court building was organised by a Facebook group SA Women Fight Back.

“There was no reason for Meghan to have been killed the way that she was,” the founder, Bronwyn Litkie, stated.

Meghan Cremer was missing for five days. Jeremy Sias, 27, Charles Daniels, 39, and Shiraaz Jaftha, 34, were arrested for possession of her vehicle. When Cremer’s lifeless body had been recovered, they were also charged with her murder.

All three suspects reportedly have previous convictions and pending court cases, from drugs and theft to assault and murder.

The demonstrators were supported by African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) MP Marie Sukers.

“We are in Women’s Month. We must celebrate our women. For me, South Africa has become the most dangerous place to raise girls. South African women are not safe,” she claimed.

Sias and Daniels chose not to apply for bail. As for Jaftha, his bail application hearing has been scheduled for September 11.


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