Zephany Nurse reclaims name given by her kidnappers


The 22-year-old Zephany Nurse has won the right to reclaim the name her kidnappers gave her.

The young girl was kidnapped shortly after birth in 1997 and was raised as her kidnapper’s own child.

When she went to high school, she became friends with a girl who had the same resemblance as hers and it turned out that she was her biological sister.

The young woman was reunited with her biological family shortly before her 18th birthday and all records of the ensuing case were unrevealed as she was still a minor.

Now at the age of 22, the young woman approached the courts to reclaim the name she was known by – ‘Miche Solomon’ and has also successfully written a book about her experiences.

“If a child becomes an adult at some point and says I am ready to reveal my identity, they can do that the same way that Zephany Nurse has done so here. So, it doesn’t change the centre’s stance or belief in any way.”


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