WATCH: Lion taking down kudu


Plenty of spectators didn’t stop a male lion from taking down a kudu at the Kruger National Park. As a result, the whole incident was captured on video from several angles.

“My husband, daughter and I were driving on the tar road from Skukuza to Lower Sabie on the 29 July 2019 after entering the park as early as we could, to see what we could find. Even though we had already had a beautiful rhino sighting, with elephants, various giraffe, and antelope, our little girl was dying to see a lion,” one of the eyewitnesses revealed. “We did not expect a hunt to take place at all! It was a lone male, it was broad daylight, the male lion didn’t appear to be hunting and the kudu didn’t appear to be nervous. We seriously just thought we were about to get an up-close lion sighting…”

The bone-chilling footage was posted on the Latest Sightings official website. The lion can be seen walking lazily along the road passing several vehicles with the park visitors. The next moment, it runs and attacks the unsuspecting kudu grabbing its rump. The kudu struggles and tries to kick the attacker but the lion manages to pull its victim off of the road and start the rich meal.


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