Home Politics Prosecute and jail state capture culprits – Mcebisi Jonas

Prosecute and jail state capture culprits – Mcebisi Jonas


Former deputy finance minister Mcebisi Jonas said the public will have no faith in president’s Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration and criminal justice as long as politicians and public servants who are implicated in the state capture are not prosecuted and jailed.

In his new book, After Dawn – Hope after State Capture, Jonas writes: “In a country where some say that as much as a third of public procurement has been siphoned off by the corrupt, no lower standard is acceptable. Until this happens, scepticism will exist over the state’s real intentions, and the belief that the corrupt are still governing will continue.”

Jonas also points out that if the country wants to a create a capable, legitimate state, it has to advocate for a “meritocratic service” where appoints are made after proper recruitment protocols are followed as underlined by ethics, morality and state-building.

“This is contrary to the existing practice where appointments are made by part grandee and are based more on extending political influence and patronage networks, than getting the job done,” he added.

According to Jonas under the ANC government it has become a norm when hiring for civil service to overlook people with a high level of technical skills “when what was needed was political loyalty to the ruling party.”


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