Home Accidents Zambian attempts to sue Legana Meat for its “sausage condom”

Zambian attempts to sue Legana Meat for its “sausage condom”


A Zambian resident has filed a lawsuit against Legana Meat products accusing the company of low-quality products.

According to the reports, Luyando Kopakopa sued the organisation after she had bought a Hungarian sausage with a condom-like material. The citizen claims that, upon consuming it, she felt stress, fear, and even vomited multiple times.

Earlier, the laboratory analysis conducted by the local authorities showed the Legana’s seasoned minced meat had not had any foreign matter in it.

The owner of Legana Meat Products, Edith Nawakwi, said that the company would counter-sue the customers spreading false rumours on social media and attempting to undermine its reputation. Despite the incident, Nawakwi’s business is still afloat and she thanked her clients for remaining loyal.


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