Mozambique arranges Ebola screening at Malawi border


Mozambique has set up disease checkpoints at its border with Malawi as a protection against a deadly Ebola outbreak. According to the WHO data, more than 1, 800 people have died in the eastern DRC since the disease broke out there last August.

Zambezia province health director Hidayate Kassim:

“Setting up Ebola checkpoints is a guideline given by a decision of the Ministry of Health and World Health Organisation to prevent the spread of the disease to other countries. The checkpoints aim to track all people entering Mozambique having fevers or if they have had contact with anyone who has been in Congo. Depending on this control we will determine whether there is a risk or not in our province.”

The screening is a preventive control measure to prepare, prevent, detect and treat any Ebola case that could enter the country.

The deadliest Ebola epidemic happened in West Africa in December 2013 and lasted for more than 2 years, killing more than 11, 300.


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