Home Politics Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption campaign raffling feathers in ZANU-PF

Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption campaign raffling feathers in ZANU-PF


Zimbabwe’s ruling party, the ZANU PF is reportedly immersed in intra-party disputes stemming from President Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption campaign.

Certain party officials believe that there are some party bigwigs who are unhappy with Mnangagwa’s anti-corruption drive which they allegedly see as a calculated move to eliminate political enemies.

According to a party member who asked not to be identified, ZANU PF top officials are already meeting to deliberate on countermeasures.

“The President thinks he will earn public support, but, in fact, by arresting some top people who put their political lives on the line for him, this is now dividing the party. Top officials are now unsure of what is happening in the party. They feel they will be targeted too,” said the official.

“Some officials are meeting to find the best way to respond to this. They believed that if ever the President was sincere about fighting corruption, he should start in his own backyard, including arresting his own children and cartel leaders around him. Anything short of that is political targeting,” he added.

Top party officials expected Mnangagwa to protect them considering that they are the ones who helped him to ascend to power, the source believes.

“The party bigwigs all have skeletons in their cupboards but believe Mnangagwa himself is not clean from corruption and so are his children. They said he is sacrificing others for his political life. If he is serious about corruption, why doesn’t he start with those people directly linked to him who plundered command agriculture and fuel funds.”


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