Home Politics President Lungu – most unpopular politician in Zambia – UPND

President Lungu – most unpopular politician in Zambia – UPND


UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka stated that President Lungu’s poor handling of Zambia’s economy was the reason why millions of Zambians were living in despair.

Katuka believes that, if the President continues to mess up the economy, Zambia will not survive.

He stated that President Lungu had given favours to his foreign allies in profitable contracts at the expense of the Zambian contractors.

Katuka said the hearts of the Zambian people were bleeding because of the poverty created by Lungu’s irresponsible leadership.

He stated that the time for the Patriotic Front to address the hunger situation they had provoked in Zambia was up and the cabinet restructuration made a few days ago was nothing but an act of desperation.

Katuka said today everyone knew the PF was the most corrupted government ever to be in charge of this country.

He further stated the PF had damaged the civil service, they had punished the farmers by not distributing agro-inputs on time and they had made it difficult even for the call-boys and the marketeers to survive due to high price of mealie meal and cooking oil.

Katuka concluded it was time for the PF to leave.


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