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NSPCA condemns SANDF’s ‘lack of interest’ in alleged abuse of horses


The South African Army Special Infantry Capability (SAASIC) Unit has been in the spotlight for two cases logged against it by the National Council of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA) for the alleged abuses of horses.

The NSPCA said they were frustrated at what they referred to as “lack of interest” by the SAASIC Unit regarding these cases.

The NSPCA had lodged complaints against the unit for starvation and neglect of horses during May last year.

NSPCA spokesperson Meg Wilson said the cases were made for the “gross negligence and deliberate brutality to horses”.

“Both cases have made no progress despite many follow-ups from the NSPCA. After failing to get hold of the detectives in Potchefstroom on several occasions, a senior inspector from the NSPCA travelled to Potchefstroom to follow up in person, only to realise that both the dockets were missing,” said Wilson.

The NSPCA had said they were appalled at the SANDF’s alleged inability to care for horses in their custody.

More than 30 SANDF horses have had to be put down as a result of ill-treatment since April last year.

“Misinformation relating to these dockets was given by the SAPS, stating that both dockets had been delivered to court and it was later established that this was not the case,” said the NSPCA spokesperson.

‘‘The detectives confirmed they had attempted to get statements from the accused on a number of occasions but were met with scornful refusal and hindrance into the investigation.

‘‘The officer commanding the SAASIC Unit allegedly told police that neither he nor any SAASIC members would provide statements,” added Wilson.

SANDF spokesperson Brigadier-General Mafi Mgobozi could not be reached for comment.



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