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Namibian youth comes together in a clean-up campaign


The Youth Against Pollution Organisation started its clean-up campaign in Windhoek, Namibia earlier this week.

Different stakeholders such as the European Union; City of Windhoek; Namibian Environment and Wildlife Society and the Namibia Scientific Society have come together and joined the Organisation in the clean-up campaign.

Co-founder of the non-governmental and non-profitable organisation, Kai ­Kleingünther, explained that the campaign, which is in its pilot phase, aims to sensitise and educate the youth on the negative effects of single-use plastic and littering in and around Namibia.

“What we do is we take the programme to schools to educate the youth on the effects. We show them pictures through a slide show and then we take them to effected areas and ask them to help us clean up the areas,” he said.

Different schools and representatives of the European Union were involved in the pilot phase of the campaign.

Kleingünther also urged all Namibians to assist with the cleaning programme and to make it a success story for the country.

“We would like them to come and support us by joining us for the next clean-up and also to keep Namibia clean,” he said.

The group cleaned up a riverbed which runs behind the truck port and Shell Service Station in the Olympia residential area. Plastic bags, cans, bottles, paper and disposed heavy-duty vehicle tyres were retrieved.

Stefanie Urban, a nature conservationist student at the Namibia University of Science and Technology and co-founder of the Youth Against Pollution initiative, explained that they scanned all around the capital for areas that needed cleaning.

“We looked at different areas in Windhoek and the one we found worse affected was this riverbed,” she noted.

The organisation plans to have two more clean-up campaigns in Windhoek later this year.

“We hope that school-children will come and help us when we have our next two clean-up campaigns and also next year when we plan to roll it out to other regions of Namibia,” Urban said.

Joining in the good deed was the Tov HIV-AIDS Orphans and vulnerable Children Organisation which also held a clean-up campaign at Tsumeb, on the north of Namibia on Saturday. The event kicked off at 07h30 and was largely led by youths affiliated to the organisation.

The organisation said in a statement that the clean-up campaign will be held at the town every Saturday.

“We will clean our town every Saturday until we reach our two objectives: that we raised enough money for our trip to the coast; and, secondly, that our town is the cleanest town in Namibia again,” the statement reads.


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