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Cash-in-transit robbers arrested in Pretoria, police seize cash and firearms


Pretoria police arrested three men who robbed two security guards of money boxes at a shopping mall in Mamelodi, east of the city.

According to South African Police Service (SAPS) spokesperson, Vishnu Naidoo, the robbers confronted the guards as they were approaching their service vehicle outside the mall. The suspects threatened the guards with handguns before fleeing with the money boxes.

“The suspects’ getaway was however short-lived when almost instantaneously the Mamelodi intervention task team supported by the local K9 unit and station members responded. The task team intercepted the first two suspects a few streets away from the mall and were thereafter led to a third suspect. All have been arrested,” said Naidoo.

He said that further investigations led the team to three different houses. Two pistols were found in one house, the money boxes in a second house and the getaway car at a third house.

Naidoo said the serial numbers on the pistols were filed off, the money boxes were tampered with and the recovered Hyundai sedan was reported hijacked in Silverton in April.

According to the police, the houses where the items were recovered did not belong to any of the suspects and the homeowners are now also subject to criminal investigations.

National police commissioner, general Khehla John Sitole, praised the multi-disciplinary team for the swift intervention and arrests.

“I want to applaud all members for the speed with which they acted as well as their dedication to this case,” said Sitole.

“The collective approach and the positive attitude displayed by our members is what is encouraged through the turnaround vision of the SAPS’s ‘Patriotic Selflessness’.” Added Sitole.


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