Arson attack on Japan’s anime studio


A deranged perpetrator shouted “DIE!” as he drenched an animation studio with gasoline and set it on fire killing at least 33 people in the country’s worst mass murder in nearly 20 years.

Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe called the attack in the city of Kyoto “too appalling for words” and offered his condolences.

The police apprehended a 41-year-old suspect shortly after 10am.

Today, the mourners gathered in the rain at the edge of a police cordon around the charred building.

One 23-year-old university student who had come to the vigil said:

“You hear about gun killings overseas, but anyone can get their hands on gasoline and that is pretty frightening. You can’t stop people from buying gasoline, perhaps there’s a way to offer help to people who might be tempted to commit crimes.”


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