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13 Malawian nationals arrested and deported from Zimbabwe


Thirteen Malawian nationals have been deported from Zimbabwe after they were found without proper documentation allowing them to be in the country.

Public relations officer at Mwanza border Pasqually Zulu said the Malawian nationals arrived at Mwanza border on Tuesday.

Zulu said reports showed that the thirteen Malawians in their mid-20s left their country on June 13 without proper documents to travel and they used routes between Ntcheu and Balaka districts.

The Malawi embassy officials in Harare facilitated the individuals’ deportation after they were caught in Zimbabwe while travelling to South Africa.

Zulu said the deportees were released and cautioned to follow procedure whenever they want to travel to other countries and the government has warned of dire consequences to people who may try to travel without documents.

It was also reported that the Immigration and Citizenship Department was faced a challenge with the high rate of Malawian nationals crossing international borders without documents.


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