Home Economy Zimbabwe: Energy minister says electricity has become a ‘very big problem’ 

Zimbabwe: Energy minister says electricity has become a ‘very big problem’ 

Fortune Chasi

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi said the electricity situation in the country was worse and had, “graduated from being a challenge to a very, very big problem.”

Speaking at a State of the Industry update hosted by Alpha Media Holdings in Harare, Chasi said the Kariba dam water levels had dropped to 24%, which would result in more and long power cuts.

The minister said the department was considering a new tariff review or switching off debtors’ power supply.

“The tariff is a problem. We can’t be importing at a huge cost and give it away at a zero-point costs.”

“We are going to review this. We need tariffs that reflect the cost of producing power,” he said.

A lot of industries are currently negatively affected by the series of power cuts happening in the country.

Chief executive of Zimbabwe Dairibord, Antony Mandiwanza said his company risked losing perishables due to power cuts.

Mandiwanza said his company has been cut off for seven consecutive days and that was negatively affecting the company’s operations.

Chairman of the Trade Committee for the Confederation of Zimbabwe Industries, Henry Nemaire said exporters were using imported diesel making local business non-competitive.

“With the current power shortage, exporters are using imported diesel to generate power with standby generators. The duty on such diesel makes it non-competitive to export products,” Nemaire said.


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