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UN: AIDS death toll down by 30% since 2010


On Tuesday, the United Nations said HIV-related deaths fell to almost 770,000 which is 30% lower than in 2010.

In a report released by UNAids, about 37.9 million people live with HIV and about 23.3 million people have access to antiretroviral therapy (ART).

Although Africa is the most affected continent by the epidemic, Eastern Europe death toll has risen by 5% and the Middle East and North Africa by 9%.

UNAids executive director, Gunilla Carlsson said: “We urgently need increased political leadership to end Aids,” said Gunilla Carlsson.” 

“Ending Aids is possible if we focus on people, not diseases and take a human rights-based approach to reaching people most affected by HIV.”

The organisation reported half of HIV infections globally came from intravenous drug users, transgender people, sex workers, gay men and prisoners.

Another vulnerable group was children who were mostly infected by their parents with more than 160,000 HIV infections last year.

About $19 billion were raised for AIDS response but in 2020 approximately $26.2 billion will be required.


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