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FF Plus calls the de-registration of BLF a victory for SA democracy

Black First Land First President, Andile Mngxitama Picture: Masi Losi

The Black First Land First Movement (BLF) was de-registered by the IEC due to a section of their constitution that the political party was only for black people.

The Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) filed an application for the party to be deregistered based on racial discrimination. 

“We said that they were contravening Section 16 of the Electoral Commission Act because their membership is based on race,” explained the leader of the FF Plus, Pieter Greonewald.

On Monday, the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) confirmed that the application by the FF Plus to have the BLF removed as a party was successful “on the grounds that the BLF excludes membership on the basis of race”.

Groenewald called the move by the IEC to deregister the party a victory for the country. 

“It’s a victory in the end for democracy and for fairness for the future for even those parties who want to register in future, they must take note of this.”

But BLF leader, Andile Mngxitama said they would review the judgment and vowed to take their fight against the IEC deregistering them to the Constitutional Court if they must.

The party’s deputy president, Zanele Lwana, added that they would fight to continue to exist. 

 “No racist organisation is going to pressure the commission to deregister us. We will appeal this decision and we will do all that is within our power to ensure we continue to exist as an organisation,” said Lwana.

The IEC spokesperson Kate Bapela said they had accepted the BLF’s first application in 2016 because the party had not openly expressed that white people were excluded from being members.

“However, subsequent admissions by the BLF in its response to the appeal had served to clarify the position of the party – namely, to exclude white people from membership,” said Bapela.


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