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Zambia seeks cultural exchanges with South Korea


The Zambian government stated on Wednesday it was interested in learning from South Korea on the cultural development.

Minister of Tourism and Arts Charles Banda believes Zambia has a lot to learn from South Korea especially on how the nation has grown its economy through diversification and appreciation of arts.

These remarks were made during the 2019 Korea-Zambia celebratory concert. The minister said the Zambian nation sought to adopt the best practices from South Korea on how to maximize the local heritage areas for the benefit of the local communities.

He further added that the two countries were going to sign a memorandum of understanding aimed at improving the social, political and economic development.

Cho Jaichel, the South Korean Ambassador to Zambia, in his turn, said his country had a lot to learn from Zambia on cultural and tribal co-existence.

He added that his government would cooperate with the Zambian authorities in fostering the development and cultural exchanges as an attempt to grow the tourism sectors of the two countries.


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