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Malawi: ‘MEC chairperson Ansah will not resign’ says White

Seodi White

On Wednesday, Public Sector Reforms Unit Chief Director in the Office of the President and Cabinet, Seodi White organised a march to support Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson Jane Ansah against opposition parties’ call for her to resign.

Ansah is a Malawi Supreme Court of Appeal judge who is being forced to resign by opposition parties on allegations of siding with President Peter Mutharika in the May 21 elections.

As the chairperson of the Forum for Concerned Women Association (FCWA), White said she was happy with the number of women who took their time to come and support Ansah.

“As women, they have really shown how angry and displeased they are towards the humiliation, persecution and emotional torture Justice Ansah is receiving from some individuals in the country.” Said White.

She emphasised that no matter what would happen, Ansah would not resign and as women they were not pleased with the recent political attacks on her.

“The disgruntled people who are forcing Ansah to step down are doing this because she is a woman, had it been she was their fellow man they could not have dared him. We can assure them that Ansah will not fall or give in to their demands,” White said.


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