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Solar street lights to be installed in Zambia


The Zambian Road Development Agency (RDA) has started placing solar lights at the crossing points such as bridges in an attempt of enhancing security.

RDA Director Communications and Corporate Affairs Masuzyo Ndhlovu says the innovation is also meant to increase the motorists’ safety and the personnel’s security at the bridge.

According to Ndhlovu, Luangwa Bridge is going to be the first crossing point equipped with the eco-friendly lighting system because it is an important part of the Great East road linking Zambia to Mozambique and Malawi.

He added that the lighting had added beauty to the bridge, especially at the night time.

Ndhlovu was giving a speech after checking on the works done in Luangwa and was satisfied with the development which extended to the trading area, saying it had given traders more time to finish their business.

He said the street lights on the bridges at the crossing points were to be widely established, once the funds were received.

Meanwhile, the Energy Forum in Zambia has observed that Zambia’s energy sector has made progress despite the loss of about 3-hundred megawatts of electricity because of the reduced water levels in Lake Kariba Dam.

Forum’s Chairperson Johnstone Chikwanda stated the country had been learning lessons regarding the consequences of over-dependence on hydro-electricity generation.

He mentioned the government had reacted well by implementing the efforts aimed at diversifying the energy sources.

Chikwanda believes that energy is the fuel for the economic growth and, therefore, there is the need to encourage the establishment of other forms of large-scale energy generation.

He made this statement at the Zambian High Commission in South Africa where he led a delegation of South Africans to update the Commission on their mining projects in Zambia.


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