Home Politics Many politicians to use church in next elections – President Lungu

Many politicians to use church in next elections – President Lungu


President Edgar Lungu has urged the church to avoid manipulations of the political leaders who have no real agenda for the country.

The president was giving a speech yesterday at the Pentecostal Church of Holiness in Zambia in Chambishi on the Copperbelt. Lungu claimed that a lot of politicians were going to try to use the church in attempt to gain popularity among the voters as the 2021 general elections were coming closer.

However, he urged the church to recognize the true leaders through their deeds and activities.

Lungu also asked the church to continue praying for the current leaders in the government as they served for the needs of the nation.

He added that the church had an important role of providing advice and guidance to the leaders.

Lungu asked the clergy to pray for all the leaders, regardless of their political views, as this was part of their mandate in upholding peace and unity in the country.

President Lungu ensured the church that the government would continue involving them in different issues of development.

Pentecostal Holiness Church in Zambia Resident Reverend Moffat Kuyokwa appealed to Zambians asking them to work hard in helping to develop the country.

Reverend Kuyokwa stated the Christians were expected to take the main role in fostering development and not to depend on the handouts.

He mentioned that the country had plenty of natural resources meant to bring benefits to the citizens.


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