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Boyfriend points mother to murdered girlfriend’s shallow grave


The provincial police spokesperson Col Mtsholo Bhembe confirmed that the body of Nokulunga Mbatha (21) was found badly decomposed on June 22, after his boyfriend Kevin Ndlovu (21) confessed to his mother. 

Bhembe said: “His mother started questioning him about his short temper and behaviour and the accused confessed to having killed his girlfriend by hitting her with a sharp object and burying her in the yard in their village home.”

The alleged killer had stuffed Nokulunga’s body in a suitcase before burying her in shallow grave in Bushbuckridge, Mpumalanga in March 2019.

Bhembe added that Ndlovu took his mother to the place and pointed where Nokulunga was buried and the police were contacted. 

According to Mbatha’s grandmother, Mavis Mbatha, Nokulunga’s brother will do a DNA test to help identify the decomposed body. 

Despite being in contact with the victim’s family, Ndlovu had continuously denied knowing her whereabouts to them.

The couple had two children together. Nokulunga’s grothmother said her granddaughter left her family home in Johannesburg on 2 February, to visit Ndlovu in Bushbuckridge.

Mavis said the situation was shocking because even though Nokulunga had visited him, Ndlovu maintained that he didn’t know where she was. 

“When we called his mother saying Nokulunga told us that she was visiting him (Ndlovu) she denied that she ever arrived in her home,” explained Mavis.

“On Saturday, I got a call from her saying they had found Nokulunga but she was dead because Kevin killed her. I nearly died.”

Ndlovu appeared in Mhala magistrate court yesterday for his bail application but it was postponed to July.


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