Home Accidents Endangered vultures die after eating poisonous elephant in Botswana

Endangered vultures die after eating poisonous elephant in Botswana


The Botswana government has confirmed that 537 vultures and to tawny eagles were found dead at an animal park.

Although Botswanas wildlife and national parks department did not clarify when the incident took place, it was believed that the vultures and eagles died after eating body remains of three elephants killed by poachers.

The wildlife department said: “The poisoning was believed to have been caused by lacing of three poached elephant carcasses with a poisonous chemical.”

The authorities said they also did not know why the three elephants were spiked with poison after being killed.

Almost 468 birds were white-backed vultures which are on the red list of endangered species by the International Union of Conservation Nature.

The authorities added that 17 more white-headed vultures and 28 hooded vultures which were found dead were also on a list of endangered species.

Last week, conversationalist issued a warning about the increasing incidents of poaching in several parts of Botswana where almost 400 elephants were killed for their ivory tusks in 2017/18 alone.


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