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Primary school pupil suspended after punching a Grade 8 leaner


The case of a Grade 9 student who punched a grade 8 learner at a Benoni school has ended with the pupil being suspended for five days.

The pupil punched the student in the face after a “misunderstanding” and a case of assault was later opened at the Benoni police station on 12 June.

“My grandson finished his exam and was waiting for me to pick him up from school,” said the grandmother of the victim.

“When I got to school his face was bruised from being punched.”

The learner was taken to Netcare Linmed Hospital to get treatment.

“The hospital gave him pain medication and kept the letter in case something happens to him later,” the grandmother added.

“We have asked that he be transferred because this is not the first time someone in the school hurt him.”

According to the grandmother, someone threw rocks and a brick at his grandson earlier this year.

Following the incident, the HOD of disciplinary at the school said the Grade 9 learner would be placed on suspension when the third term begins.

“We do not condone this behaviour,” said the HOD.

“There is an internal investigation that happens and a process we follow when such incidents happen.”

The family of the victim have continuously requested that the 13-year-old learner be transferred but the HOD has maintained that they would continue the investigation to prevent such incidents from reoccurring.


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