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New Homeless Organization threaten to forcefully occupy Salvokop building


Nhlanhla Jele

The spokesperson for the New Homeless Organization Richard Wildeman says the homeless people living on the streets of Pretoria are planning on forcefully occupying the Salvokop building. This is after their attempts to get keys to the building fell on deaf ears last week.

“I am in front of the building with 20 other guys, the other 30 are still preparing themselves and we are here to enter the building,” Wildeman said.

It is alleged that the building was built for homeless people after two shelters were demolished to build the Stats SA Headquarters, almost 5 years ago, but it has been unoccupied and only guarded by security since it was the construction was completed.

Wildeman says that they have engaged with directors from various departments including Public Works and Social Development

“We have been going from pillar to post regarding this building, I think that there are a whole lot of things going on, in connection with this building why it has not been occupied. I think someone is trying to smuggle the building,” he added.

The municipality and the director of Public Works are apparently making their way to the building to address the homeless people.




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