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Mozambique’s street market for banned medication


The World Health Organization banned certain drugs in Mozambique but these drugs including antibiotics, paracetamol and Malaria medication are being sold at the information markets with classic African foods to cure, for instance dislikes of love.

The police said most of the drugs have been moved from the national health system through various schemes that also involve state officials.

Without proper storage facilities, shipping, handling or administration rules, the drugs are often exposed to the rain, sun and dust.

Spokesperson for the Manica Police Command, Mateus Mindu said: “Those who prevail in these practices do so very discreetly. When they realize the police presence, they flee, but we have the information of some agents infiltrated.”

Medicines that were meant to be delivered free of charge or at reduced rates may end up in Chimoio’s informal markets such as 38 millimeters or Fair.

Those who sell do so without any knowledge or training, they therefore use improvised spaces to apply injections without the slightest notion of dosages.


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