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Motsoaledi to revamp the Home Affairs department


Home Affairs minister Aaron Motsoaledi wants to continue with digitizing the department for better efficiency.

The former minister of health said that the department envisioned a situation where Home Affairs officials will be stationed at hospitals to help ease the application process for birth certificates.

“The core function of Home Affairs is to document citizens,” said Motsoaledi. “And the documentation starts from when you are born. If anything goes wrong there, if you don’t have a proper birth certificate and any other documentation then it becomes problematic.

“There are 1445 health facilities where babies are born in this country. But only 341 of them have home affairs officials stationed there, so you can see that it is a droplet in the ocean, we would like to cover all of them.”

Motsoaledi also visited several of the department’s offices and said the department is planning to have more reliable computer systems.

The number of people who must be switched over to the smart card is 38 million and we have done 15 million and we are still left with 25 million and we are only able to do 3 million per annum,” said Motsoaledi.

“We are busy increasing the number of offices. By the end of this year they will be 200 because it is not just opening the office, we also have to equip them because some of them even the lack the infustructure, but it is a process of improvement.


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