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Mnangagwa must step down – Zimbabwe Total Independence


Newly formed Zimbabwe Total Independence (ZTI) leader Elias Tapfumaneyi Mbabvu has called for the immediate resignation of president Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa must step down for change to take place,” Mbabvu said.

While addressing the media in Harare, Mbabvu said the decline in the state of the Zimbabwean economy and the current land reform project are at the top of the list.

“All these problems the country is facing, from high a inflation rate, he said.  “Unemployment to shortages of basic commodities, in our view, their causes are not a result of sanctions, but rather, Zanu PF and their leader Mnangagwa.

“Mnangagwa has failed to put the country in order in all aspects, especially in as far as the economy is concerned. The economy is worsening by the end of each day and it is the ordinary person who is suffering. The ordinary Zimbabwean men and women are failing to provide food for their families or sending their children to school. Life in Zimbabwe at this point is unbearable.”

He added that priority should be given to the regeneration and growth of the industry employing the latest technological trends.

He the declared: “The best leader by the end of the day is the one who can fix the economy and deal with day-to-day inflation levels and the runaway economy which has turned out to be the worst world over.

“There is need to immediately adopt and enforce a genuine national currency which will help in avoiding any further erosion of the personal incomes.”


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