Home Society Suspected serial rapist burnt to death by mob in Alex

Suspected serial rapist burnt to death by mob in Alex


A community in Alexandra, burnt a man they believe is a serial rapist that has been terrorising them to his death.

A video of the man being attacked went viral on social media.  In the video of the gruesome incident, the community is seen standing near a fire where a figure of a man is seen in the middle of the fire.

The angry community of Alexandra is accusing the unknown man of rape, armed robbery and theft around the area and none of the people in the video can be identified as the video was taken at night.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Lieutenant Lungelo Dlamini confirmed the incident and said the police responded to the complaint of mob justice in Alexandra.

“When they arrived there was nothing they could do as the person was already dead. It is unclear why the victim was stoned and torched, but allegations are that he has been raping and robbing women in the area,” he said.

Dlamini further added that the police are investigating a case of murder and no one has been arrested.


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