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95 killed in Mali violent attacks

Image: Reuters

Mali officials have confirmed that at least 95 people from Dogon village were killed and 19 people were still missing after an overnight attack by unknown gunmen.

“Right now, we have 95 dead civilians. The bodies are burned, we are continuing to look for others,” said an official from Koundou district.

The incident that took place in the early hours of Monday was a ring of violent acts that have been taking place in different regions of the country.

Less than three months ago, almost 160 people from the Fulani ethnic group were killed by a group known as Dragon.

Following the heart-breaking incident, President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita had to cut his visit to Switzerland short and come back to resolve peace among his people.

“This country cannot be led by a cycle of revenge and vendetta,” he said.

Keita also called on Malians to come together to “allow our nation to survive because this is a question of survival.”


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